Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day after Christmas

What an exciting time Christmas is and this year was no exception at our house! We had a house full of guests-my sister, Trisha, came home from college on December 12, her boyfriend, Jeremy, came home from Basic Training on Dec. 20, Jay's mom, Ann, came on Dec. 21, my sister, Tanya, and her family came on Dec. 22, and Jay came on Dec. 24. Not to mention that my Uncle and his family came to have dinner and presents with us on Christmas Eve, too!! We had a good time, even though things were kind of different this year - my grandpa is still in an acute care hospital recovering from West Nile Virus. We usually go to my grandma and grandpa's house for Christmas Eve and have ever since I can remember, but we obviously could not do that this year. But none the less, we had fun being together.

A few weeks ago, we took the boys to a church here in town that does a "Journey to Bethlehem". We saw Roman soldiers, talked to Zechariah and Elizabeth, went through a marketplace, and went to a stable and saw Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. What a wonderful way to be reminded of the real meaning of Christmas, to see what it might have been like when Jesus was born into our world, and to see the wonder in F.J. and Judah's eyes as we took our "Journey to Bethlehem".

F.J. and Judah had a good Christmas and were a lot of fun to watch this year. They are old enough now to understand what is going on and get excited about the presents, stockings, Christmas goodies, etc... What fun to see the wonder in their eyes and to hear the excitement in their voices as they unwrapped their presents. Enjoy the pictures and keep in touch when you can!!