Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

My mom has started a tradition with her grandchildren of taking them to see the State Capitol when they come to visit. My boys are no exception to this tradition. Any time we are downtown, we go by the capitol building. Last week when we drove by, FJ asked if we could get out and walk around. He said he wanted to go up and see the statue of Abraham Lincoln (I was shocked that he even knew who the statue was!!). Right then, I began planning an outing, and we decided that Memorial Day would be the day!

It was a perfect day to be was really quiet, not too many people around! And we had a lot of fun!! The boys, especially FJ, really enjoyed walking around "Grammy's Capitol" and seeing all the statues. He asked us if Abraham Lincoln worked at the Capitol and if he lived there!! We told him that Lincoln's home was in Springfield, too; but that will be another outing, for another day!!! After walking around outside, we took them inside for a few minutes. We didn't think that they were old enough to appreciate a tour, but they enjoyed just looking up into the Rotunda. All in all, it was a great Memorial Day outing! Thanks, Grammy for the great tradition of going to see "Your Capitol!"